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Joykey | Joystickevent to Keyevent

What Joykey is

Joykey converts joystick events into keyboard events. So this tool enables you to use a joystick for simulating keyboard entries, which means you can, for example, play Flash games using your joystick.

Joykey supported joystick events

Joykey supports the directions left, up, right, down and up to eight joystick buttons.

Joykey configuration

Keyboard configurations are defined by external XML files stored in a directory called "joykey_sets". Within these files keycodes will be assigned to a specific joystick event. It's possible to edit these files or create files for new configurations. Joykey will load all these configurations on applicationstart and offer them to you in the keyboard configuration combobox.

Terms And Conditions

This application is developed by Markus Raab, derRaab(); - Programming | Development, for

This programme is provided "AS IS"!

The developer of this application is not responsible for any damage (or damages) attributed to this application. You are warned that you use this application on your own risk. No warranties are implied or given by the developer of this application or any representative.

The developer of this application reserves all rights to this programme and all original archives and contents.


Joykey is currently only running on Windows OS with DirectX 7 or higher and an active joystick plugged in.


Screenshot of Joykey


No installation is required! Simply extract the downloaded ZIP-archive. The ZIP-archive contains the joykey.exe, a readme.txt and a directory called "joykey_sets" with some predefined sets.

Feedback desired

Feel free to give any kind of feedback you want but don't forget to tell your email if you expect reply:


Current version is still a beta version! Download Joykey Beta 2 (2006.06.16) now (24 KB)

Joykey test application

Find a simple quickstart test here.

Keycode configurator

With this little flash application you can easily create your own joykey sets. Use the keycode configurator

Todo list

Features which might be available in next versions:

Feel free to give feedback or even some new ideas for features! Simply send an email.